got it, moving ideas
offers you a wide-range of graphic design services for television and digital mass media.

identity design

From the concept of your idea, we create astonishing graphic identities for your programs and shows that generate recognition and will set you apart from your competition.

Vizrt graphic system implementation

We provide additional functionality to the graphics and integrate them into the production environment in order to achieve a faster and more efficient workflow.


We offer knowledge for the administration and inner support of the graphic identity.

guidance and support

We give you support and guidance in special events, internal implementations or whenever you need us. Vizrt graphic system specialists.

Our Clients

We have the tools you need in order to set your ideas in motion. Contact Us.

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about us

got it, moving ideas

offers you a wide-range of graphic design services for television and digital mass media.

We are pioneers in the region

and offer our experience to television stations in the creation of graphic identities from conception to implementation.

Our solutions

We put your ideas in motion and make them a reality through solutions that are not only visually impacting and innovative, but that improve existing workflows, making them more efficient and generating the appropriate environments to preserve your graphic identity successfully. We adapt to your needs, analyzing your products and through multiple solutions such as:

• Multiple screen control
• Virtual Sets
• Informative Ticker and Carousel
• TouchScreen
• Augmented Reality
• databases
• Integration of external applications

You will be able to show in real time

Dynamic and functional CG’s

Social Networks

Polls and economic data

Election and debates

Live sports and entertainment graphics

All of this in a creative, integral and sustainable way, that Will allow you to set your ideas in motion


We have been working on television channels, designing, developing and leading graphic departments for more than 15 years. The passion we have for graphic communication and design has taken us into this project in which we create new and innovative communication proposals, from planning, management to implementation. Each one of us contributes with our abilities and skills to obtain a strategic vision to create, lead and help ideas come true in an original and efficient way.

This is how GOT IT is born. For Got it, it is essential to keep your ideas in motion, create, innovate, materialize your proposals, make them viable and take them to the next level, where the experience becomes visible and memorable. Television and digital media allow us to play with reality, take information and communication to another level of interaction with the objective of giving you a wonderful experience. We can make your ideas possible, your plans visible, integrating a powerful graphic concept, with a dynamic and constantly evolving content, always being at your side and having in mind that your content is unique and that we must know it in order to feel it and project it. This way we make the information an unforgettable and remarkable fact for the audience We invite you to move your ideas with us because we GOT IT for you

we set your ideas in motion

mónica peláez

Executive director

Carlos vernaza

creative director

Juan Carlos Castillo

Senior Vizrt Designer

Alejandro Gómez

Senior graphic designer

Jeferson García

Junior graphic designer

Manuel Castillo

Junior development engineer

Juan sebastian garcía

Creative developer

jesús ropero

System developer

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